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Clean & pretty home in Mount Pleasant

Healthy, Non-Toxic Cleaning Methods: 


Southern Simply Clean uses their very own proprietary plant based, all-natural & environmentally conscious cleaning products. Reusable microfiber and terrycloth washcloths are used to sanitize and polish surfaces, pumice stones are used to remove built-up mineral deposits inside toilet bowls , high suctioning, HEPA filtration vacuum cleaners are used to get floors flawlessly clean and we finish every home with natural scented aromatherapy spray. We clean to the highest standard of environmentally conscious cleaning!

Professional, Courteous & Meticulous Housekeepers:

Graced with one of the finest housekeeping staffs in Charleston, our housekeepers strive every day to exceed customer expectations by cleaning in a thoughtful, innovative and meticulous manner. In addition, they are extensively trained in the art of natural cleaning and utilize responsible alternative methods of cleaning in order to make homes as sparkly and pure as possible.

Thoughtful Details & Finishing Touches


Southern Simply Clean does not place strict time restrictions on routine cleanings but more emphasis is placed on thoughtful quality cleaning. We practice what we like to call "thoughtful cleaning." Our housekeepers provide our customers with a little whimsy and loving touches throughout the homes they service.

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Serving Charleston Tri-County

Southern Simply Clean

(843) 364-4424

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